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Q&A: Keeping it Clean!


1. Cleaning without providing proper allergen barriers for yourself is a common mistake. Often allergy symptoms can be delayed so the cleaner does not realize the impact until its too late. Wearing a dust mask, gloves, and goggles particularly with the heavier cleaning is a good idea. Showering immediately after cleaning is also helpful.

2. The old-time feather duster should not be used in cleaning as this simply relocates and stirs up dust. Obviously this can be provoking to the allergy sufferer. Cleaning/dusting should be done with a damp cloth or rag to better capture allergens.

3. Use of an older “low efficiency” vacuum can be a provoker of indoor allergies. While These vacuums are adequate in picking up dust bunnies and debris, it does little for the common allergenic particle which is too small for this vacuum to capture…essentially shooting allergens into the air.

4. Fortunately, almost all of the newer vacuums have HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters which capture allergens such as dust mite, mold, and pet dander.