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Services Provided

Comprehensive care for allergies, asthma & skin conditions

When you and your family need comprehensive care for allergies, asthma, other respiratory problems or skin conditions, you’ll find it at Advanced Allergy & Asthma Centers in Baltimore, MD. Dr. Matthew Mardiney focuses on pediatric allergy and asthma care, allergy skin testing, allergy drops and shots, asthma and eczema and immunotherapy. To learn more about each of these specialty areas, please choose the submenus for this page. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Asthma treatment & immunology care
  • Allergen immunotherapy (SCIT)
  • Allergy treatment
  • Allergy drops (SLIT)
  • Allergy shots for insect stings
  • Allergy skin testing, including hives, pollen allergy, skin allergy, seasonal allergies
  • Penicillin skin testing
  • Metal allergy testing
  • Patch testing
  • Asthma testing
  • Pulmonary function test spirometry & nitrous oxide
  • Drug allergy testing & treatment
  • Food allergy testing & treatment
  • Insect allergy testing & treatment, including bee allergy testing
  • EpiPen/AuviQ education

Other procedures performed

  • Food & drug challenges
  • Medication challenge
  • Biologic treatments (Xolair, Nucala, Fasenra, Dupixent & others)
  • Obstructive sleep apnea & home sleep study testing

Don’t suffer with allergies or asthma any longer. Call Advanced Allergy & Asthma Centers at 443-987-6998 in Bel Air or 443-519-2128 in Lutherville and Towson. Or use our convenient Request an Appointment form. We also welcome patients from Baltimore and Carney.